Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The 24 Types of Libertarian

The 24 Types of Libertarian

Ampersand (Barry Deutsch) identifies 24 libertarian points of view. Hat tip to Pharyngula.

Added to the humor index.


Glen said...

That is...actually funny. Three Atlas references is too many though. Better to trade one for a Friedman ref. Maybe "The Missionary" could wield a copy of Free To Choose. That, or make one of the types "The Economist"...

Mike Huben said...

It's nice when (for once) we agree!

Perhaps it should have been 30 or 50 types.

Davi Barker said...

A Libertarian Rebuttal

The 24 types of Authoritarian


Mike Huben said...

You're missing the libertarian types of authoritarian.

Some examples:

The Procrustean --
You have no choice but a system of property rights. If you are an American Indian or some other such group, tough.

The Manichean --
Everybody except true libertarians coerces others. Therefore we can retaliatively coerce anybody else.

The Not-Clear-On-The-Concept:
No rulers! We command it!

Let's all add some more...