Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Krugman Blues

Sometimes it takes something special to make me appreciate a particular form of art. I'd never been impressed much by the blues, but this brings it home for me.


Bobalot said...

Hey Mike,

Do you know there are Libertarian douchenozzles posting in old posts literally months after you last replied?

I think they are trying to give the impression that you are too scared to answer.

Either way, it is a 10.0 on the Lame Richter scale.

Mike Huben said...

Yes, I know: and I can't be bothered with most of them. It's daylily season!

Joanna Liberation said...

Babalot, I've just discovered the site, I could post, so I posted, I didn't know Mike's last answers were supposed to be the Definitive ones.

Mike, I appreciate your benevolence. I expected you would treat comments on your site same as you treat your flowers or people (what with your statism), either they grow as you wish or you cut or restrict them in some artificial way.