Monday, October 17, 2005

The worst crime of the 20th century. Whodunnit?

In my Libertarianism in One Lesson, I point out the libertarian principle that "All food, drugs, and medical treatments should be entirely unregulated: every industry should be able to kill 300,000 per year in the US like the tobacco industry."

Reality dwarfs my cynicism. Tim Lambert, in
The worst crime of the 20th century. Whodunnit? points out that the pesticide industry is attempting to blame Rachel Carson and her green followers for malarial deaths. But in reality, that industry is responsible for the deaths because they have fostered pesticide resistance in mosquitos through indiscriminant sales of their pesticides. Their accusations range from 50 to 90 million.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Criticisms of Anarcho-Capitalism

Thanks to Minhea Tudoreanu for a couple of suggestions, now added to the Libertarians Criticizing Each Other index.

NEW 10/05: A Fatal Instability in Anarcho-Capitalism

NEW 10/05: Anarcho-Capitalism Dissolves Into City States

Paul Birch shows some good reasons to think anarcho-capitalism is a utopian pipe-dream.