Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Somalia, the libertarian paradise.

Dr. Jack Miller kindly offered his Democracy For $ale: Libertarian Paradise, and I've added it to my Economic Experiments index.

A quick search with Google for "libertarian" and "somalia" finds quite a bit written in support of Somalia having a libertarian solution, and as an example of benefits of libertarianism.

The obvious question is why libertarians aren't flocking there, the way they're supposed to move to New Hampshire. especially if they think liberty is the foremost value.

Monday, March 21, 2005

An excellent conservative criticism!

The Problem with Libertarians

Tony Woodlief's five post collection from his blog Sand In The Gears. One of the best conservative critiques of the failures of libertarianism; polite and generous to a fault, yet still damning. Posts are in reverse chronological order.

Monday, March 14, 2005

A Modern Libertarian

Hugh Kramer has very kindly provided another version of the Major General's Song for the humor index of Critiques Of Libertarianism.

Try both versions: both perform some wonderful tongue-twisting verbal acrobatics, and both twit libertarians in delightful ways.

Hugh Kramer's version.

Kim Plofker's version.

I've done some of this sort of thing myself: see my
2000 Libertarian Party Campaign Song.

I've also modified some poems: It used to be a tradition at the Cambridge Entomology Society to nominate officers in verse, so I wrote two nomination poems. Does anybody know the proper term for the sort of forced rhyming that I used?