Saturday, September 18, 2004


After 10 successful years building the Critiques Of Libertarianism website by hand*, it's time for me to start considering using more modern tools. This blog is the first change, replacing a hand-modified static file with a nice clean user interface.

The major benefit to this first change will be that I'll be able to post brief critical ideas for comment. That will enable me to make my arguments more robust, and model the way I wrote my initial FAQ, based on discussions in newsgroups. Hopefully with a lot less noise and repetitious nonsense, and at a pace that fits my schedule.

I'll try to put something new here about once a week, but no promises. Periodically, I may post an open thread for arbitrary questions and discussion.

* I've always built my website with home-brew UNIX tools, using make, gcc preprocessor, sed, and a few other tools. This has the advantage that I can use macros and header files so that I can modify the entire site with single changes. I suppose the next two steps might be to investigate cascading style sheets and modern web site building tools, but since I deliberately keep the site design simple (preferring content over style), that may not win me anything.