Saturday, July 03, 2010

Stateless in Somalia, and Loving It

Stateless in Somalia, and Loving It

Yumi Kim (at Mises Daily) praises the customary clan law in Somalia, because cheap luxuries are available to the elites. No mention of piracy and kidnapping trades, and warlords are downplayed. At best, shows that warlordism may be better than centralized kleptocracy. Libertarians should move to Somalia!

Linked in the Make Or Break Views Of Libertarianism index as an example of self-ridicule.


David Fetter said...

Have any libertarians moved to Somalia? It seems like the perfect place to send all of them, and I suspect Somalis would react to their haughtiness with swift and brutal measures.

Bill Snipes said...

I would never even dream of any anarchist society being stable, but for a country that was total chaos when it did have a government in place, I guess even the most radical libertarians out there might have a case.

Unknown said...

Mike, you might be interested in adding this hilarious video to your website:

Somalia -- Libertarian Paradise

Joanna Liberation said...

Most libertarians believe in strong government. Strong in protecting private property rights, not in breaking them. Somalia is in fact an anarchist paradise. However, even if we really ever had libertarian Somalia, it would probably still be way poorer than say, european communist countries. Economic system does not create wealth by itself, people do.