Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jane Galt's Got a Gun

Over at Cogitamus, the recent post Jane Galt's Got a Gun has two excellent observations.

First, on carrying guns to town hall meetings:
The guns that people bring to these events are designed to kill people -- that is their sole purpose. When I strap one on and wear it to an event I am saying to my fellow citizens "if you fuck with me, I am willing to kill you." The gun is not designed to stimulate debate, it is designed to end it. It is not a symbol of civil liberty, it is an instrument of solipsistic incivility saying rather clearly that I intend to have the last word[...]

Second, echoing my dislike of the corporate propaganda of NPR's Marketplace program:
Maybe NPR should consider a show called "Workplace" which would focus on the 90% of Americans who really don't give a fuck about the "numbers."

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Michael said...

I was just thinking the same thing earlier, in response to something a right-winger I know said about people on the left having "no shame". When you think it's ok to bring guns to debate and rationalize it as being because of either freedom or fear of the left, you've lost any more ground. It's really clear what those guns are there for.