Monday, August 03, 2009

Austrian Economics can't count.

Austrian economists are notorious for their rejection of mathematical models in economics. Considering this evidence that they can't count, we can guess what their REAL reason is.

Seven Periodicals

Our monthly The Free Market examines the economic and political scene from a classical-liberal viewpoint. The Austrian Economics Newsletter links our academic network with in-depth interviews. The Mises Review surveys new books. The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics (the successor journal to the Review of Austrian Economics), is the premier setting for new research and ideas in economics. The Journal of Libertarian Studies is the scholarly venue for political theory and applications.

They say seven, but only list 5 (or 6 if you give them the benefit of the doubt.) Taken from About the Mises Institute.


Mark Plus said...

I have to wonder if the hostility of "Austrian" economics towards mathematics derives from the rivalry between the two von Mises brothers. Did Ludwig resent his brother Richard for inheriting the mathematical ability in the family?

Julien Couvreur said...

Mike, you have found incredibly damning evidence of their stupidity.

I wonder if Samuelson, in his repeated textbook prediction that the soviet union would overtake the US in GDP in early 2000s, was somehow contaminated by those same innumerate people.

Joanna Liberation said...

Austrian economists disdain of mathematical models disqualifies their theories, because as we all know, mathematics describes people. We can therefore write nice equations and even use some calculus to show off how brilliant we are, because brilliance can only come from difficult and obscure, otherwise taxpayers might object giving us grants and important sounding government job titles.