Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Two new Milton Friedman critiques.

Over in the Milton Friedman index.


Unknown said...

do you have any good links to rebuttals of the Non-Aggression principle?

The article was pretty good,but ended up stating that Milton Friedmans was big government biggest friend. I think many Libertarians realize this,and this is why they denounce him,and choose other economists over him.

Unknown said...

Krugman does a great job of debunking the Libertarian standard of living argument.

This is actually part of a broader intellectual phenomenon: the persistent tendency of conservatives, even now, to glorify the Gilded Age.

Consider, for example, Milton Friedman’s assertion in the mid 1970s that

Far from being a period in which the poor were being ground under the heels of the rich and exploited unmercifully, there is probably no other period in history, in this or any other country, in which the ordinary man had as large an increase in his standard of living as in the period between the Civil War and the First World War, when unrestrained individualism was most rugged.

Um, what about the generation following World War II, in which living standards doubled?