Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Going Galt part two: others point out the stupidity.

As UUbuntu pointed out in comments to the previous Galt post,

Steven Colbert rips apart the Going Galt theme in his Rand Illusion sketch. I'm afraid the ironic humor might not mean as much to folks who come back to this in later years.

In addition, In Contempt comics has an excellent "Galt Gestalt" comic with accompanying commentary that will make clear the issues to folks who come late to this contretemps. If you don't have the background for Colbert's sketch, read this first.

A friend of mine, early internet jokester Rich Rosen ("we are all Rich Rosen"), sent me a link to his essay: When Atlas Shrugs, People Listen... But Why? He does have an indignant, serious side.

Hoisted from his comments is The Last Person On Earth To Turn To Now Is Ayn Rand by Johann Hari at the HuffPo. He points out at length a number of Randian idiocies.

Building on a response to that last one, I'd say that Ayn Rand was the unattractive Ann Coulter of her time. Except worse in that she was a cult leader, was even more divorced from reality, and a horrible writer.


4bow said...
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Anonymous said...

Understand: Ann Coulter is basically the conservative movement's belated realization that if they had put Spiro Agnew in a blonde wig and a short skirt, Richard Nixon would still be President today.

Kevin Moore said...

a) Thanks for the link!

b) I love that a blog is devoted solely to critiquing libertarianism. More power to ya!

GlenH said...

What fascinates me about Randroids is that they are convinced that they are all actually producers of wealth. The ones that it has been my misfortune to encounter generally seem to be perennial students, parasiting off their long suffering parents, something like the Trotskyites of the 1980's!And then there is Alan Greenspan- the ultimate government employee...

GlenH said...

I just checked out the 'Going "John Galt"'website. It is a satirical site designed to take the mickey out of Rand fans isn't it?