Sunday, January 29, 2006

Medical Care, Insurance, and Socialized Medicine

I've just now made a new index for Medical Care, Insurance, and Socialized Medicine. I don't know why I've not had this long ago.

The first (new) entry is Paul Krugman's "Health Care Confidential" artical from the New York Times, as quoted by Brad DeLong. It pretty much thrashes the libertarian-preferred idea that markets do it best. And it does it with the bane of ideology: real world facts.

If anybody would like to suggest the best sites that oppose the market-oriented provision of health care, I'd like to add some.


D.R.M. said...

The rebuttal of the Libertarian Anti-Canadian Healthcare plan was excellent. It always appears as if rightists (including libertarians) are trying to portray Canada as un-free. Just like those fanatics at

Glen said...

Mike, your summary text implies that even for dentistry "the US system" produces the worst results (in the first world). Is this actually true? It seems implausible. In the case of other medical care I can at least guess at what stats you'd be using to make the case but for dentistry I'm stumped. So if you do want to make that claim, I'd appreciate a link supporting it.