Monday, January 06, 2014

Simple Critique Of BitCoin still holding up....

I've been updating

Simple critique of Bitcoin

with news as I encounter it.

I predicted a horde of imitation Bitcoins, and of course I was right.  Today I added a link to Coingen, which allows anybody to create any new coin they want for a very small fee.


Joanna Liberation said...

You may not remember me (does Critiques Of Collectivism ring a bell?), just wanted to thank you for raising my interest in bitcoin back in 2011, I'm a rich man now. Interestingly mainstream libertarians never really understood cryptocurrencies (kind of defies their theory of origin of money), so if it were not for you I would just continue reading Rothbard rather than mine the future of money ;)

Mike Huben said...

Yes, I remember you. :-) Sounds like you've been lucky.

I also remember a company meeting where dozens of former software millionaire stock owners were angry that their internet bubble had burst. I recommend diversifying, because Bitcoin could collapse in value.

Joanna Liberation said...

You are cute in that you are more wrong than libertarians are right so you are better investment (or economics theory) adviser if one has the balls to do exactly the opposite of what you say ;)

Mike Huben said...

Yup, that's the Joanna Liberation I remember. Stupid and obnoxious. No grounding in reality.

In this case you are attempting to be insulting with a hackneyed old trope. You probably learned it from watching TV sitcoms. In real life, there are no exact opposites: usually there are innumerable alternatives. I trust you are stupid enough to claim otherwise.