Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Amazon Prime Air drone package delivery system

Libertarians no doubt will wail about the FAA restricting this "important progress".  Until they have to shut up because somebody starts delivering thermite bombs to the roofs of buildings with unregistered and unregulated drones.  Paid for with bitcoins, of course.  :-)

All law enforcement, including laws libertarians like about property and such, is based on making people accountable.  When technology produces a new technique for evading accountability, it is proper to require regulation of that technology.

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Mordanicus said...

I saw one time a documentary on National Geographic's air crash investigation series. In this episode a plane crashed on a home of a family. Why did the plane crash? Because the pilots hadn't had enough sleep, since the airliner involved required them to make too many hours. In this accident people were killed (both in the plane as in the house) and people's property damaged (such as the home of the family where the plane crashed upon). I want to know from libertarians, whether they still believe that the authorities shouldn't regulate working hours.