Tuesday, October 08, 2013


For years now I've been accumulating references for Critiques Of Libertarianism as bookmarks to eventually add.  Because it's much faster and easier to add a bookmark than to code and index an entry at my old site or my new wiki.  Today I wondered just how many I'd accumulated.

3,000.  Add to that the 600 or so from my old site and at roughly 6 an hour, that's 600 hours to get it all in.

I also have a library of around 250 relevant books, each of which should get about an hour of attention to identify how it is relevant.

I have several hundred quotations to move to my new site.

Over all, it looks like about 1000 hours of work.  (There is the issue of linkrot: I have that partially solved.)

This is just a hobby, but I wonder if I should try a KickStarter to get more of it done.

The wiki could allow many others to contribute effort, but would have its own stack of problems with consistency of cataloging, very mixed levels of expertise, need for training, inconsistency of coding, etc.  Scaling up a project beyond one person is a big undertaking.

What do my readers (both of you!) think?


Lorraine said...

I'd contribute if I wasn't broke. Can't speak for the other reader. If you're fighting libertarianism you're fighting money, and you can't fight fire without fire. Sounds like a capital idea.

Michael said...

I would contribute, either way. If you do a Kickstarter, I'd definitely donate. And, if a Wiki, I'd spend some time helping if I could.

Jeff J said...

I would contribute.