Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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This first one is a delicious piece of poetic justice.
NEW 2/21/2012: Leaked Heartland Institute documents pull back curtain on climate scepticism [More...]
"The Heartland Institute, an influential rightwing thinktank based in Chicago, which has long pushed misinformation about climate change, is currently having its own Wizard of Oz moment following the leaking of internal documents which reveal the true extent of its funding and efforts to cast doubt on climate science." [more...]
NEW 2/21/2012: Global Warming
Libertarians generally align with "climate skeptics" (denialists of global warming) because market regulation by government is needed to reduce global warming.. [more...]
NEW 2/21/2012: Are macroeconomic methods politically biased? [More...]
Noah Smith details a long list of simplifying assumptions of macroeconomic DSGE models and then points out how much is left out and how biased both the assumptions and the omissions are. [more...]
NEW 2/14/2012: The Nation-State Reborn [More...]
Dani Rodrik points out that laissez-faire has not and cannot supplant the nation-state. [more...]
NEW 2/13/2012: Ludwig Von Mises Makes the Libertarian Case against “Free Love” (and Implicitly Against Birth Control) [More...]
Mike Konczal notices that von Mises associates feminism with Socialism in opposition to the natural order. What a crank! [more...]
NEW 2/12/2012: John Stuart Mill
A famous philosopher of liberty and political economist. [more...]
NEW 2/12/2012: Ronald Coase
Author of the Coase Theorem and a great deal of economics libertarians cite. [more...]
NEW 2/12/2012: Non-Libertarians Supposedly Supporting Libertarian Viewpoints
Many economists and historical figures are claimed to be supportive of libertarianism or "protolibertarians". US founding fathers, various economists, J. S. Mill, etc. [more...]
NEW 2/12/2012: The Libertarian Case for Slavery [More...]
David Ellerman (publishing as J Philmore) makes a case that modern libertarians such as Nozick should support voluntary selling of oneself into lifelong slavery the same way one should be able to sell services for any shorter period of time. [more...]
NEW 2/12/2012: Slavery
Slavery is a free-market phenomenon. Slavery has almost always been abolished by acts of government that regulate the market, making it illegal. 19th century slaveowners defended their property rights in slaves in ways that are unmistakably libertarian, differing only slightly in terms of who had natural rights. Some modern libertarians continue to make a case for slavery. [more...]


Chris said...

The Libertarian Case for Slavery ranks as one of the stupidest, ugliest things I have read recently.

What do you think of the GOP circus that's going on these days, Mike? It seems like naked libertarian-type missives are flying out of the mouths of most of the candidates: they are not even trying to hide the plutocratic bias anymore. Have we turned some kind of corner?

Mike Huben said...

The Libertarian Case for Slavery is deliberately ugly because it is a satire.

The corner turned is the tea party: which is in large part founded and funded by Koch propaganda and millions.

Chris said...

Sorry Mike, I didn't get that it was satire. That's embarrassing. I feel like Tea Party supporters get close to saying these kinds of things at times, so it's getting hard for me to make the reality/satire distinction.

Michael said...

There IS a libertarian case for slavery, though, and if you can get them to talk about it, some of them admit it. If you believe in absolute property rights, and that you own yourself (as is libertarian dogma) then you have the right to sell yourself. I've not only heard some admit it, I've seen the idea defended.
It's why I laugh when they go on about freedom. Any system which allows people to EVER be property is not about freedom.

mikeyaustudent said...

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