Tuesday, February 22, 2011

People Who Piss Me Off: Libertarians

People Who Piss Me Off: Libertarians

Not deep, but heartfelt and enjoyable.


Joanna Liberation said...

"Thus libertarians, like their conservative cousins, are hypocrites."

Mike Huben's law: tu quoque's hartwarming-ness is inversely proportional to its libertarian bias.

Hawanja said...

Thanks for linking to my video! I'm going to do one about Free Market Anarchists next.

Kevin said...

Great video! I gave him a few pointers to sharpen him up a tad. [-}

Joanna Liberation said...

Hawanja, hopefully it'll be funny at last. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QDv4sYwjO0 as an example.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? That's the best you got? F*** Libertarians? I mean it's very impressive that you can be all grown up and shit and say cuss words. I mean you have your 4th grade market covered at least.

As to your asinine, not to mention uninformed claim that libertarians do not wish to cut spending to law enforcement, ie the FBI, DHS, the DEA and other various agencies, you either

A have your proverbial head up your proverbial ass so far that you should consider installing some plexiglass in your gut so you can see where your stumbling, or

B Perhaps should expand your reading material beyond, "20 Cool Cuss Words That Make You Sound All Smart And Shit".

I mean I'm sort of embarrassed for you really. It's like watching someone accidentally pee in their own mouth.

You make the argument that we "crazy libertarians" wearing our anti-gub'ment tin-foil hats, trudge about protesting Evil Government, secretly wish to see more grandmas and grandpas not to mention little red-headed orphans, starving in the streets, we apparently like burning houses, and little kittens stuck in trees, but have no problem with goose stepping war mongers policing the shit out of America. Yeah ok then, admitted you lost me there. I certainly hope you didn't chase your own logic off that deep end, did you? I mean you're contradicting your own claims.

There are so many huge gaping holes in your argument, it's not too unlike crack-whore porn.

The republicrats are stuck in the rut in actually believing that
1) It's actually possible to do good with other people's money,
2) Better people make better government.

Mike Huben said...

rexrambler, I notice that you correctly rebut about 15 seconds (out of 5 minutes) about libertarians being in favor of lots of FBI, military, etc.

But the rest is spot on. I wish libertarians were that good.