Saturday, September 04, 2010

Evolution Is Far Freer Than Classical Liberalism

Evolution Is Far Freer Than Classical Liberalism

P. Z. Meyers (of Paryngula fame) savages Larry Arnhart's ahistorical claims in CATO Unbound that evolution supports classical liberalism.Further followup here.

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Chris said...

Good to see people critiquing this kind of claim.

There's also trouble in the Rand universe concerning revisionist history, though in that case, an Objectivist is getting booted out of the movement for speaking out against the revisionism of Leonard Peikoff and David Harriman, who apparently made erroneous claims about the history of science.

More here:

Joanna Liberation said...

If libertanianism/communism makes societies richer and more powerful than other economic systems, then societies will tend toward libertarianism/communism, as simple as that, survival of the fittest. Of course evolution supports diversity, there will likely always be some communist countries. So much the better for libertarianism, never underestimate the power of an anti-example. I keep rooting for Chavez, now only Cuba and North Korea are left, and their future uncertain with their dictators soon dying. However, there has never yet existed a libertarian country. Communists don't have their anti-example yet, so have to keep fantasizing how horrid it would be. I'm sure communists would love to have an actual real world example. I mean, if they _truly_ believe that communism makes people richer.