Monday, August 09, 2010

Space Cadets

Space Cadets

Charlie Stross, the SF author, points out the fact that space colonization is incompatible with libertarian ideology, contrary to innumerable SF stories by major authors such as Heinlein.

That's to be expected: it's also incompatible with all historical society anyhow.  But there are particular circumstances involved in space.


Joanna Liberation said...

Basically Charlie Stross elaborated the fact that space colonization would not technologically be as simple as westward frontier expansion. Yes, we will never be able to harvest wheat on Venus, thank you very much for your deep insight. Yes, today's technology requires massive organized effort to provide habitable environment in space. That's why space colonization has to wait for tomorrow's technology. A little quiz for you, which country do you think will be first to develop the technology, capitalist USA or socialist North Korea?

Unknown said...

Which country will develop technology to grow wheat on Venus, the USA or N. Korea? Neither. Certainly it won't be Libertarians.