Friday, September 04, 2009

Objectivist Party

I guess I'm not up to date: I'm a year late in noticing the Objectivist Party.

It was bound to happen: the phenomenal success of the Libertarian Party HAD to spawn even more splinter parties. :-) Yet more evidence that getting libertarians to agree or cooperate is like herding cats.

See also: The Objectivist Party vs "Toxic Randroid Cultists".


GlenH said...

They now have a branch in "Tyre and Wear"- perhaps some kind of Objectivist lube shop?

Mark Plus said...

If we can take his self-promotion at face value, the Objectivist Party's 2008 presidential candidate, Dr. Tom Stevens, sounds like a real-life Doc Savage. If he has all that book learning and all those physical adventures on his resume, what could he possibly have learned from Ayn Rand that would have practical application?