Sunday, June 15, 2008

Defending Rachel Carson: the last word

Defending Rachel Carson: the last word

John Quiggin points out the extreme gullibility of the right wing and libertarian blogosphere for public relations ploys initiated by tobacco companies. The PR firms exploit the obvious confirmation biases of these ideologues. Their goal is to discredit opponents of tobacco such as the World Health Organization by falsely accusing them of responsibility for malaria deaths.

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James M. Jensen II said...

Hey, thought you might like to add this:

Dr. Ron Paul Casts Only Vote against Ban on Lead in Toys, Ban Passes House 424 to 1

Quote: "Libertarians also believe that in situations like this, when toy manufacturers infuse their products with enough lead to cause brain damage in children, it is up to the market to punish them.

But dealing with a sudden rise in the incidence of lead in toys is a glaring example of how the libertarian approach is impracticable."

My own analysis: Libertarians seem to think John Locke's "life, liberty, and property" gets the order backwards.