Saturday, April 02, 2005

Marxism of the Right

Marxism of the Right

Robert Locke's

The American Conservative

article is a remarkably good inditement of libertarianism that will
appeal to liberals and progressives as well as conservatives.

The appeal lies, I think, in a big-picture view of the REAL classical liberal issues that are addressed both by modern conservatives and liberals. REAL classical liberals balanced their interests in liberty with other, competing values such as order and justice. There's a nice discussion of this at

Liberals and Libertarians #1


The Guess Who said...

inditement = to write something down
indictment = to accuse of wrongdoing
I think you meant indictment.

Chip Barron said...

"Marxism of the Right" article pulverized by Stef Molyneux:



What do you think?

Mike Huben said...

Yet another reason why I won't have audio or video resources at my site. Blithering idiots who take forever to get around to their fallacies.

Molyneux's big arguments? He prefers a different folk definition of libertarianism, out of roughly 20 that I've collected. He says libertarianism is not about selfishness or individualism. After that, I was too disgusted and bored to continue.

That's hardly "pulverization". It's simply stupidity. But I guess some people believe others because they are handsome and enunciate well.