Saturday, November 13, 2004

Google likes me....

With only a brief hiatus, this "Critiques of Libertarianism" web site has always come out first in Google for the keywords "critiques" and (more surprisingly) "libertarianism".

Not quite as well for "libertarian": position 28 today.

Without any real advertising, a large number of people have linked to my site. Including many libertarian sites, who generally claim to see value in examining their beliefs. And also surprisingly, a number of college courses list my site in their readings.

Also interesting to note, Google prides itself on the simplicity of its uncluttered, undecorated presentation. It's too much to think they took a lesson from my About This Site page where I tout the merits of simple, plain text. (Near the end, the "Your site is boring and plain" part.) Functional design is no secret.

But a number of sites HAVE credited me with inspiration for the designs of some of their pages. The latest one I've found is at The Panda's Thumb, where my Libertarianism In One Lesson has inspired a beautiful and well documented takedown of Intelligent Design Theory.

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