Monday, January 02, 2012

What's new at the new site.

I'm really growing to love the ease and speed with which I can add new materials to my web site.  As people recommend new links, or as I stumble upon them in my blog browsing, I can add them in just a couple of minutes.  The slowest thing is deciding which indexes they should be in, and whether and where to create new indexes.

So here's another week's casual additions.  I have a huge backlog of other pages to review and add.

NEW 1/03/2012: Tyler Cowen on Subprime Lending [More...]
Tyler Cowan's ignorant misreading of the subprime lending crisis. [more...]
NEW 1/03/2012: Mercatus Center "Experts" on the Subprime Crisis [More...]
What Mercatus Center "scholars" wrote about subprime lending before the collapse, and how it was completely wrong. [more...]
NEW 1/02/2012: Yet More Corruption At The University Of Chicago... [More...]
Brad DeLong posts ad-hominem accusations of corruption from Robert Lucas, [Eugene Fama]] and Richard Posner. Sad, really. [more...]
NEW 1/01/2012: The Koch-Whore Archipelago: How The Billionaire Kochs Screwed My Scoop While Screwing America [More...]
Mark Ames describes how Koch supporters in the media attempted to discredit his reporting on Koch creation of the Tea Party. [more...]
Public Money for Public Purpose: Toward the End of Plutocracy and the Triumph of Democracy – Part VI [More...]
Dan Kervick proposes six challenging progressive tasks whose successful pursuit would help us achieve a more just, equal and democratic society. [more...]
Laissez Faire Capitalism Has Huge Faults
History shows pretty clearly that unregulated, unfettered capitalism is a brutal environment where wealth accumulates in the
hands of an elite leaving most people in poverty, deeply vulnerable to the inevitable economic shocks that follow. [more...]
Why Corporations Are Psychotic [More...]
David Niose points out that libertarians ought to reject corporate personhood and concentration of power. They are not a product of minimal government. [more...]
Corporations Are Government Creations
Libertarians love to whine about government handing our special privileges, but somehow seldom notice that corporations use special privileges to achieve social dominance. [more...]
What Does Ron Paul Stand For? [More...]
Bob Cesca lists "a wide variety of utterly horrific positions spanning nearly the entire spectrum of public policy -- positions that would cause significant harm, damage and destruction to the economy, to women, to minorities and to nearly everything progressives value." [more...]


Kevin Wayne said...

If I may, here's something to balance out that link:

GLENN GREENWALD: Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies

Rest of the stuff I'll taken an interest in, thanks! ;-)

Mike Huben said...

I like Glen Greenwald, mostly. I generally can accept that the things he declares are wrong, are wrong.

But I think he badly underestimates how much damage Ron Paul would do, especially to people who are not privileged the way we white, male, healthy, non-retired earners are.

He suggests an "honest" position describing tradeoffs: but he does it in the worst possible light, without explanation of the relative magnitude of the problems.

And while Ron Paul may be against the war on some drugs (as I am too), that doesn't mean he can end it, not even as president.

Unlearningecon said...

My blog might be of interest!

mikeyaustudent said...

Ron Paul? Relax, the American voter is in no mood to listen to his nonsense. Summarizing his main political points:

Lets mind our own business.
Lets live within our means.
Lets stop criminalizing harmless behavior.

Dangerously insane, shamefully un-American.
These ideas will never find purchase in the minds of Americans.
Go back to sleep.