Saturday, March 05, 2011

Encyclopedia Dramatica on libertarianism

A lengthy, humorous take on libertarianism from many angles, and well worth chortling over.


Joanna Liberation said...

Impressive, though only mildly amusing (still nothing can beat the Somalia video). The best part IMO is:

"43.Tell them you are a left-libertarian. Be sure to back this up by being liberal on any social issue."

It's psychologically interesting why statists, after having stolen "liberal" from classical liberals, now are going for libertarian. I guess 50 years from now I'll have to call myself classical libertarian to avoid ambiguity. But then it's true "libertarian" was devised by anarcho-capitalist. So basically, everybody is stealing from anarcho-capitalists. It's like as if all people subconsciously knew, even though they thought they reject something, that it is the only thing worth believing in.

Mike Huben said...

Joanna, you are truly funny. Your ignorance is astounding.

If you knew ANYTHING about left-libertarianism, you'd know that left libertarians complain that they used the term libertarian roughly 100 years before right libertarians. They have always complained it was stolen from them. And here you come, ignorantly blaming the victim.

150 Years of Libertarian

Joanna Liberation said...

Looks like you're right, Mike, my bad. So basically we stole "libertarian" from you after you have stolen "liberal" from us. Is that accurate?

Mike Bast said...

During a talk by George Smith, he kept going on about "liberal" being stolen by the "left" (he used it vaguely) and never once mentioned that libertarian had a use FAR older than that of the right-wingers who now use it. So, either ignorance or double-standards seem to be constantly in play.

Mike Huben said...

No, Joanna, nobody has stolen the word liberalism from libertarians. Libertarians simply are not liberals. Nobody has stolen it from "classical liberals" either: that is currently being used as a propaganda term to imply that there are some modern conservatives who are the same as early liberals, when they are not.

Why not read something on the subject.

Of Means & Ends
The Liberal Idea

Joanna Liberation said...

imply that there are some modern conservatives who are the same as early liberals, when they are not

Modern liberals criticize both classical liberals for "wild" 19th century capitalism and modern conservatives for "wild" 21st century capitalism, don't they. According to modern liberals themselves, classical liberals are pretty much the same as modern conservatives.

Markus said...

Mike, did you know that it links your site on no. 33 on "How to piss off a libertarian"?