Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shermer's The Mind of The Market

Shermer's The Mind of The Market

Libertarian Tim Sandefur finds both Shermer's libertarianism and skepticism disappointing and unconvincing.

Added to the Reviews Of Books Related To Libertarianism index.


Elzair said...

That was a very interesting article, Mike. I am not sure about the 'Mind of a Market' or that 'free markets' provide people with a moral goal (in what way)? It seems to hang on the premise that profit maximization and wealth creation are ALWAYS moral goals.

OT: Do you still have the same email address? I sent you two emails, but you never responded. It just contained links to several articles that people who frequent your blog and site might find interesting. Here they are:

"Paradoxically, Ron Paul's Success Proving Irrelevance of
(Establishment) Libertarianism" - by John Derbyshire

Conservative Criticisms:

"The Limits of Libertarianism: Southern California's Catastrophe" -
A good example of how exclusive, regulated societies (NoCal) can be
better than open, populist-libertarian ones (SoCal).

"Libertarianism in One Country" -
A call for Libertarians to eschew ideology and take a hint from the
'bad guys' (Stalin & Trotsky)

Additional Criticisms of Economists:

"The Unbearable Innocence of Economists" -
How neoliberal economists were complicit in the looting of Russia

"The Real Larry Summers Scandal" -
More on the looting of Russia

john said...

Not only a concise, well-reasoned critique, but a refreshing break from the drivel that inspired the last thread on the same subject.

Brian J. Gladish said...

You might find my own review of interest: Mind of the Market, reviewed. I am substantially in agreement with Tim Sandefur.